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Marrakech tourism guide

Marrakech that we also name « Red city » for its ground color and the coating of its houses is located in the South of the country. Split in two distinct parts, the city has known how to develop with its “New town” (Guéliz and Hivernage) while protecting its cultural heritage with its Medina. Symbolized by the Koutoubia which dominates the famous Jemâa El Fna square, Marrakech seduces its visitors for its color, its numerous Marrakech tours and Marrakech excursions. Real heiress of Moroccan craft industry, the Southern pearl offers us the most varied souks of Morocco, settled all around the famous place. Nerve centre and historic heart of Marrakesh, Jemâa El Fna attracts storytellers and other snake trainers during the day and each night turns into the bigger restaurant of the city. Marrakesh which has become the Moroccan tourist capital in ten years, equipped itself with a real international airport which enables the arrival of travelers from every corner of the world to introduce them its famous dars and riads of which it is the most representative. Thanks to our Marrakech guide, you will discover what to do in Marrakech and better understand and appreciate the city.