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Our selection of the main sights in Fez

Founded more than 12 centuries ago, Fes is the most the ancient imperial city. The religious, intellectual and political elite of the Moroccan Kingdom was formed till the beginning of 20th century there. Real jewel, Fes always shone on the architectural plan. The city abounds in so many treasures as it is difficult to name them all. The best consists in crossing it through its narrow derbs. All the dynasties which shaped the kingdom left it their imprints. Between the uncountable mosques, madrasas, foundouks, fountains and other gardens... It is all the Moroccan culture which scrolls under our eyes. The most famous monument of Fes stays Al Quaraouiyine university and its library supplied with very rare manuscripts. It is not thus surprising that Fes medina is entirely classified in UNESCO world heritage. So its lifestyle and its traditions will not stop continuing.

Medersa Bou Inania

Bou Inania madrasa is a madrasa built in Fez, in Morocco under the Merinides dynasty. It is the only madrasa of the city which has a minaret and it adjoins shops as well to permit its financing, as well as vast latrines which testify its public character. This madrasa is opened to non-Muslim people just like Ben Youssef madrasa in Marrakesh.